E C H O S ( ἦχος )

Echos is a current project that began in 2011. It is a multi-facited long term project that takes the form of a linear animation with sound, a live interactive experience that responds in real-time to a string trio, and a series of archival prints from still-frames.   The animation Echos is a visual and kinetic interpretation of Jeffrey Mumford's composition for string trio, in soft echoes a world awaits (2008).   Mumford is a Distinguished Professor of Music at Lorain County Community College.    The title Echos is from the Greek ἦχος, meaning simply “sound”.

The layers of images, diagrams, textures, and forms chosen for Echos are sampled from a variety of sources, both personal and scientific; ranging from astronomy (topographical maps of planet surfaces, Hubble telescope images) to models of genetic sequences, nanoscopic imaging, to diagrams and models based in particle physics, including the Higgs bosom and the Theory of Everything.   This broad array of elements are composed in ways reminiscent of early modernism, (Delaunay, El Lissizky, Moholy-Nagy, Richter); referencing motion based interpretations of dynamic symmetry, color theory, and sacred geometry.

The animation is available for exhibition in a number of installation contexts.   Echos has been exhibited as a large scale projection in darkened gallery spaces (Stocker Center Gallery, Lorain County Community College), and as rear-projection on windows of urban buildings (Follow the Fish Art/Lorain International Festival).   It has also been exhibited on LCD screens (INGENUITY Cleveland 2013).   A version is currently under development to be projected with live musicians, tentatively set to premiere in April 2015 at Clark University in Worchester, Massachusetts, with the string trio sound energy

The series of prints are still-frames from the 3d animation printed as limited edition pigmented giclee prints of a variety of sizes.   Each is printed with HP Vivera pigmented inks on 100% rag, mould-made BFK Rives 310 gsm paper.   When framed behind glass, the combination of pigmented ink and acid free paper is rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research at 150 years before fading or shifts in color balance occur.   The prints have been exhibited in exhibitions at the Kakoon Gallery, Cleveland, and INGENUITY Cleveland 2013.

Portfolios editions of four prints are available with a laser etched, hand-painted cover.    The Echos portfolios are in the permanent collections of the Université de Savoie in France, and University College Lillebælt, Denmark.