B O D Y   A N D  B L O O D

a r t i s t  s t a t e m e n t

Gregory Little's computational animation “Body and Blood”, refers to the process of mystical process of “transubstantiation," or the change of the substances of bread and wine into that of body and blood. The animated image pairs depict the molecular elements of bread, wine, body, and blood morphing into genetic splices of bread and body, blood and wine. The DNA protein sequences used in this piece are derived from data downloaded from the Protein Data Bank at the BrookHaven Institute. The constructed virtual models twirl, twitch and mutate within an atmosphere of scientific, political, and religious imagery.

“Body and Blood” does not have a linear narrative structure, is not a QuickTime movie, or video. It is an executable computer program that can run indefinitely, without beginning or end. The programmatic, code-based artwork uses a custom software application developed by the artist to combine and visualize sets of numbers describing DNA protein sequences. A second custom algorithm randomly loads and unloads these models and changes their attributes of motion, color, scale, speed, and density over time. In “Body and Blood” and his previous piece “JUNK”, Gregory Little combines, translates and re/de-contextualizes scientific data and cultural mythology (genes and memes) in ways that evoke a sublime experience of mystery, irony, contemplation, and magnitude.

“Body and Blood” has been exhibited in a number of venues, including at Spaces in Cleveland, Ohio; and at the 14th Annual Pärnu Video and Film Festival, Tartu Culture Factory, Tartu Estonia. It has been exhibited as a large-scale digital projection, on flat-screen LCD panels, and as pigmented prints of screen captures.